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Part Traditional Consultant.  Part Hands on Deck.


We know that consulting engagements come in all shapes and sizes and it pays to be flexible.  In fact, we often refer to ourselves as "operatives" rather than "consultants".  It's our job to cure a potential client's ills and identify opportunities to tangibly improve performance. 


That's why our case studies bear little similarity to one another.  G. Pirozzi Consulting has written "ground-up" marketing plans for companies large and small.  We've implemented traditional publicity and advertising campaigns.  We've built and improved websites, created groundbreaking experiential marketing events, and launched ambitious social engagement programs. 

On behalf of our clients, we've helped develop television and film properties and negotiated studio and network deals.  We've negotiated endorsements, sponsorships, and cause marketing extensions.  It all comes down to the needs of the client and our mandate to meet those needs. 

As consultants, we draw on our vast experience in strategic marketing and brand development.  As hands on deck, we become an extension of our clients and - if necessary - open our own rolodex to supply whatever expertise we lack.  We're proud of that approach and believe it separates us from many providers in the marketplace.  It's also the reason our diverse and eclectic client list ranges from superstar athletes and filmmakers to retail start-ups and nonprofit agencies. 


At G. Pirozzi Consulting we are about solutions.  We are about customized service from our principals while finding the best way to help our clients meet their objectives.  "Together we can do so much."  It's really as simple as that.

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