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GPC Custom Services 


In addition to our core consulting services, GPC provides several custom services on a one-time or project basis.  Prospecitve clients are encouraged to query should you be interested.





So many clients shake their heads when asked to write.  It seems there is never a shortage of ideas and subjects to write about, but ... who has the time?  ... I hate writing ... I have too many other things to do.


Our ghostwriting service grew from that place.  It's really quite simple.  Your ideas and your voice are turned in to polished, professional, ghost-authored products.  Those products can include:


  • Trade Articles

  • Op-Ed Pieces

  • Blog Posts

  • Speeches

  • Consumer Articles

  • Novels

  • Nonfiction Books


GPC's David Goldberg has ghosted in myriad formats -- in addition to the requisite articles, speeches and blogs, he is the man behind the words of multiple novels and nonfiction books.  Recently, he even published his first ghost-authored book in Chinese.  


Ghostwriting services are provided on a project basis to clients and non-clients alike.  If you have an idea you've always wanted to pursue, but didn't, let us know.

If you want to learn more about authoring your own book, visit our sister site at NARRATIVE FLOW.

In addition to our work on not-for-profit marketing and events, we also offer grant writing and research in conjunction with our colleagues at FACES Inc. 

Finally, if you are interested in motivational and/or subject expert speakers, we actively match corporations, professional groups, and conferences with the best speakers for their needs.  And, through an affiliate relationship with THE LEARNING COLLABORATIVE, we can facilitate customized employee training modules to hyper-charge your human resources efforts.  Click on the logo to learn more about TLC.



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